Any Fire and REscue Vehicle. Land, Sea or Air


Postby martymonster » Sat Feb 09, 2013 10:24 am

As promised, some more pictures :D . This is my model of HAZMAT 86, a truck which does not actually exist. It is basically stock except for the electronics and the paint job. I made the decals in illustrator and printed them onto vinyl paper at home. It has/does the following:

    Working red and blue lights with a custom built and designed light controller
    working headlights, reverse lights, blinkers and tail lights that dim/go out when the truck moves
    three sirens, with the first two sirens changeable with the horn (just like the real thing)
    horn and reversing beeper
    extending and rotating flood light
    speed/rpm sensor
    battery level sensors
    custom control electronics (in the truck)
    custom transmitter electronics

The only commercial electronics in the truck is the stock tamiya speed controller, cause MOSFETS are just too much hassle and these are just too cheap