My take on a Rat Rod Ford

My take on a Rat Rod Ford

Postby biggusditchus » Sat Dec 07, 2013 9:59 pm

Was given a Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin shell a little damaged but not bad and always had wanted to do a Rat Rod so here we go. I had a Tamiyahe Alfa Guila M06 whioch was donated to the project, once I changed chassis to short wheelbase it all lined up perfectly although to get body sat low enough at rear I had to chop out bed, and make new section higher up.

The body was primered, then painted white, then primer and then a coat of ford pacific blue. I then set about sanding away through the coats to give a much used look. The rust is Deluxe Scenic Rust and is a kit that includes iron filings (very fine) and a thin white glue (I think its watered down PVA) that you mix together then apply to the item you want rusting. After this dries you brush on the included blue fluid that must be an oxidising fluid... 8 or so hours later the rust has mostly developed.

Tyre walls were painted white and I found some chrome caps that work as hubcaps (22mm chrome button covers from local craft shop). T
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